Book Title: Basic Electricity and Electronics 1

Book Description: Contains video lectures and associated study guides used to support the flipped classroom approach to teaching basic electricity and electronics.

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Order of operations, algebraic manipulation, negative and fractional exponents, rounding, engineering notation, unit conversion, general industrial safety, energy, power, efficiency, capacity factor, basic electrical properties: voltage, current, resistance, fixed resistors, variable resistors, protoboards, ohmmeters, series resistors, parallel resistors, 4 band resistor color code, DC Ohm’s Law, DC power, voltmeters, ammeters, series DC circuit properties, DC Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law, DC voltage divider rule, parallel DC circuit properties, DC Kirchhoff’s Current Law, DC current divider rule, series-parallel DC circuit properties, instrument loading effects, DC current sources, source conversion, resistive delta-Y conversion, complex DC circuits, DC Superposition Theorem, DC Thevenin’s Theorem, DC Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, DC Norton’s Theorem



Electrical engineering


Basic Electricity and Electronics 1
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Electrical engineering
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