3.4 Discussion Activities (20 minutes each)

The following discussion activities are prepared by Open Education Instructional Designer Veronica Vold to support individual or group study with the presentation video recording. These activities are intended to encourage reflection, analysis, and application of key takeaways.

Discussion Activity 1: Step Toward the EQ [Emotional Intelligence]

Jess argues that tactical approaches to equity in course design are important. Yet she challenges participants to “step toward the EQ [Emotional Intelligence]” in their interactions with students. She notes that empathy with assignment extensions supports equity.

  • What are some of the reasons that higher education practitioners step back from empathy in their relationships with students?
  • In your own daily work, what does it mean to “not be a barrier for students”?
  • When was a time in your own experience as a student when you wished that an educator would have shown you empathy?
  • How can open education practitioners in Oregon learn more about emotional intelligence in teaching and learning?

Discussion Activity 2: What do we tolerate?

Jess argues that “Wherever we have people, we have power. What we do with that power is what matters.” Consider the implications of this statement.

  • How is power centered in people at your institution?
  • Where do you have power in your current position?
  • How do you use your power?
  • To use Jess’s phrase, what does your power allow you to tolerate?

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“Discussion Activity 1: Step Toward the EQ [Emotional Intelligence]” + “Discussion Activity 2: What do we tolerate?” by Veronica Vold is adapted from “Designing for Equity: Moving Beyond Inclusion 101” by Jess Mitchell and is licensed CC BY.


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