H5P activities list

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21Characteristics of LifeDrag Text
22choose the correct characteristic of life - homeostasisMultiple Choice
23choose the correct characteristic of life - adaptationMultiple Choice
24Levels of organizationDrag Text
25DomainsMultiple Choice
26phylogenetic treesMultiple Choice
27Microscope typesMultiple Choice
28Prokaryote vs eukaryoteDrag and Drop
29prokaryote vs eukaryote 2Drag Text
30surface area to volumeMultiple Choice
31insulin productionMultiple Choice
32Animal cell labelingDrag and Drop
33cell part matchingDrag Text
34Protein Synthesis ImagesImage Sequencing
35Ribosomes on RERMultiple Choice
36Components of cell membraneDrag Text
37pass through the membrane?Drag and Drop
38diffusionMultiple Choice
39osmosis 1Multiple Choice
40osmosis 2Multiple Choice
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