5 Smith Rock

Smith Rock in the afternoon
Smith Rock in the afternoon

Do you like rock climbing? Smith Rock is in the high desert of Central Oregon. It is a very popular park. People like to climb its rocky cliffs and towers.  It has 623 acres, and there are many animals, such as eagles, mountain lions, and deer.

Some visitors to this park believe that the first animal they see is their spirit animal. This idea came from Native American people. Some believe animals have special powers. A spirit animal guides a person through life. It keeps them safe.

Rock climbing can be exciting and a little dangerous. Smith Rock has many paths to climb. Some paths are easy. Others are difficult. Many paths are bolted. This means there are metal loops in the rocks. You attach your ropes to the bolts. This helps you climb easily and safely.

The weather in Central Oregon is good for outside activities. There is sun 300 days of the year. There is very little rain. The temperature is nice in the summer.

Visitors also play golf. They explore caves. They can play in the Deschutes river or ski on Mount Bachelor. Some people ride bikes on mountain trails or scenic bikeways (roads only for bikes).

Smith Rock is very busy in the summer. Parking is difficult. The trails are crowded. The park suggests:

  1. Wear good shoes.
  2. Bring water.
  3. Stay on the trails.
  4. Keep dogs under control.

People should always remember the famous rule for visiting parks: “Take only photographs and leave only footprints.”

Comprehension Questions

Writing Question

Some people believe in spirit animals. They guide and protect us in life. Write 3 or 4 sentences. Which animal is special to you? Why?


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