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Data adapted from rubber band stress-strain data originally acquired by Umpqua Community College Students: Brittany Watts, Ashlie DeHart, Hanna Wicks and Juan Martinez.


Photograph of a 1 mm x 3 mm rubber band during stress testing. The band runs through the slots in the gray weights and the hook attached to the bottom of the band is just visible through the slot in the lowest group of smaller (0.98 N) weights. The 119 N of force is applying 1.3 x 1013 Pa of stress, causing a strain of 660 %. Photo credit: Umpqua Community College student Samual Marsters.

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Top: Forces on the head from the neck (black) and on the neck from the head (red) during rapid forward-back motion of the head. Bottom: Sites of whiplash injury. Image Credit: This image is a derivative of Whiplash Injury by BruceBlaus, via Wikimedia Commons


Artist’s conception of the elastic behavior body tissues. “Arm Coil” by Sasha Lynch.

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