1 Calibration Questions

Follow along:    https://openoregon.pressbooks.pub/bodyphysics/
Live Polling:      http://etc.ch/cgAD

How familiar are you with OER?

I have

a) just heard about OER

b) known about OER for a while

c) considered using OER in my course (faculty)

d) have used OER in my course (faculty and students)

e) have considered creating OER

f) have created OER


How familiar are you with the PressBooks Platform?

I have

a) Never touched Pressbooks

b) Adpoted a Pressbook or Used the online viewer

c) Developed content with Pressbooks


What are you most interested in hearing about?

a) Pressbooks features used in Body Physics

b) Observations and data on student-textbook interaction

c)  Pedagogical thoughts behind Body Physics design

d) Overall process of creating an OER textbook



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