Unit 2: Your, You’re; Its, It’s; Woman,Women

PDF: Your, You’re; Its, It’s; Woman, Women

Word: Your, You’re; Its, It’s; Woman, Women

This is the second unit of conventions, with overheads for introducing information, overheads for whole-class practice, worksheets, and a quiz which includes concepts covered in Unit 1. Also included is a pre-assessment for the concepts covered in Unit 3.

Again, I recommend following a three-class-session structure, with the first day being an introduction of concepts, the second day a review, and the cumulative quiz on the third day.

Since quizzes are cumulative, students absent for a quiz simply take the next quiz and write at the top that it counts for two. I believe that requiring students to write answers in the quiz blanks gets it in their heads a bit more, but you can always save some time by allowing students to circle the correct answers instead or even transfer quizzes to a Scantron form.