Unit 1: A Lot; There, They’re, Their; To, Two, Too

PDF: A Lot; There, Their, They’re; To, Two, Too

Word: A Lot; There, Their, They’re; To, Two, Too

This is the first set of overhead instructions, overhead practice, individual handouts / and worksheets. The unit includes the first quiz.

I suggest working on a three-class-session rotation system with all of these units. Day 1: Introduce the concepts, work as a class on the overheads, and assign the worksheets. Day 2: Review the concepts, correct the worksheets, and catch up anybody absent for Day 1 instruction. Day 3: Give the quiz and correct.

When I have a skilled group of students, I don’t assign the worksheets, but I do make them available for practice. An alternate way of checking to see who does and who doesn’t understand the concepts is to ask students to write a sentence using “their” and “too,” for example. These sentences are quick to correct and prove to students that they don’t always know what they think they know.

Since quizzes are cumulative, students absent for a quiz simply take the next quiz and write at the top that it counts for two. I believe that requiring students to write answers in the quiz blanks gets it in their heads a bit more, but you can always save some time by allowing students to circle the correct answers instead or even transfer quizzes to a Scantron form.


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