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Alise Lamoreaux, is the author of A Different Road To College: A Guide for Transitioning Non-traditional Students. She is the original author of many of the chapters found on this e-book. Her work can be distinguished at the end of each chapter under licenses and attributions. Alise gave permission to the other two authors/editors of this e-book to adapt it to Chemeketa and expand the content. Alise has a long history of teaching non-traditional students who are preparing for the GED and transitioning to college. She teaches a class called, “Everything You Want to Know About College, Before You Start” along with Hybrid GED courses at Lane Community College. Alise is known for her willingness to learn and use new technologies in the classroom, such as digital storytelling, learning management systems, and other online resources. She is an advocate of student success. Throughout the years, she has demonstrated her willingness to teach other professionals how they might also implement innovative technologies in the classroom. In 2016, she took on the challenge of writing an open source textbook, through a grant she received from openoregon.org, titled, A Different Road To College: A Guide for Transitioning Non-traditional Students. This free resource is designed to engage students in seeing themselves as college students and understanding the complexity of what that means to their lives, as well as helping to unlock the contextual complexities of the culture of college.

Grecia E. García Pérez was herself a non-traditional student. She has worked with non-traditional students before becoming a college graduate. Before Chemeketa she worked with non-traditional high school students in a college access program guiding them apply to colleges and universities of their choice. That passion to help students led her to work in higher education at Chemeketa Community College. At Chemeketa she focuses her efforts on retention and completion at the department of Student Retention and College Life. While attending an Open Oregon workshop she came across Alise’s book, A Different Road to College: A Guide for Transitioning Non-Traditional Students. She started using the e-book in one of her classes and student’s feedback was positive. Students at her class found the book to work like a manual  to navigate college, a manual which they wished they had access to during the first months of their college career. Through a grant by Distance Education and Academic Technology, Grecia and Ashley worked on the Chemeketa edition of Alise’s Book, A Different Road To College: A Guide for Transitioning Non-Traditional Students. They also added new chapters on a small number of Chemeketa student services areas based on student’s interest.

Ashley C. Duran-Fajardo is a first-generation student who is currently finishing her second year at Chemeketa Community College and hopes to major in Bilingual Education at Western Oregon. Growing up Ashley always had a fascination with reading and writing, so when she was offered the opportunity to edit an ebook that could potentially help students who struggle with the same issues she encountered in college, she did not hesitate to commit herself to the project. In such way, Ashley alongside Grecia began the intricate mission to polish the ebook that was created by Alise Lamoreaux into something more suitable and personalized for Chemeketa students. In the end, Ashley hopes that this book will be able to help students in a way that she longed to be guided when she first began her intimidating journey as a non-traditional student. The edition of this book is the first book that Ashley has written and edited. The book will also serve as her first stepping stone towards her career as an High School English [ESOL] Teacher.

Licenses and Attributions

Original chapter work is attributed to Alise Lamoreaux. Chapter editing and additional work on the chapter is attributed to Grecia Garcia and Ashley Duran.


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A Different Road To College: A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional Students by Alise Lamoreaux, Grecia Garcia and Ashley Duran is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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