20 Student Leadership Opportunities

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers”.

~Robin S. Sharma

Maybe you have heard someone mentioned that they are a student leader at Chemeketa? Maybe you are wondering how you can get involved in campus? Maybe you are looking for an activity to boost your resume? Maybe you want to give back to your campus? Or simply are looking for a job?

Being a student leader at Chemeketa as the quote from Robin S. Sharma mentions is “not about a title or a designation” is about the “impact, influence and aspiration” that you have in others. In chapter 16, you may find that there are so many ways in you can be a leader and impact lives at Chemeketa and in your community. One of the ways to be a leader at Chemeketa is getting a job on campus.

The on campus job program at Chemeketa is called the Student Leadership program. In other college campuses, you may find similar programs for on campus employment. The best way to figure how you can get a job on campus is via the career center. Some colleges have a job search website for on and off campus employment in which you have to create a free account. The websites are built for students at your college of attendance and the career center staff is in charge of posting jobs there. Because they also have connections with alumni, they may also post jobs for students who are about to graduate and they are looking for a job right after graduation. As a tip, it is always great to talk to the staff at the career center from the beginning of your college career. At the end, one of the ultimate goals of getting a college career is to get a job and it is only a good idea to talk to the experts at your campus about building a resume, getting a job, getting an internship, etc.

At Chemeketa the Student Leadership program is the hub for on campus jobs for students. Through this program each department posts available jobs for students and you may apply to multiple jobs using one application. This is helpful since you may want to apply to multiple jobs and interview in different departments. Also this has simplify the process for students by the one application process versus submitting multiple applications for multiple jobs. Currently the Student Leadership program hires for 33 departments in Salem, Woodburn, Polk and Yamhill campuses. The program hires more than 100 students through the year. The heavy period of hiring happens at the end of spring term and during the summer term.

To apply to work at any of the 33 departments in the multiple campuses students submit an application here along with an electronic copy of your degree works found on My.Chemeketa under the grades and transcripts tab at the right. You also need to submit a resume, and a cover letter. The application will let you choose a minimum of three department teams that you prefer to work at. To know your job responsibilities for each job, you can check out the Student Leadership website and scroll through the page by clicking on each job title. You will be able to see your job responsibilities, the department or office where the job is located, the name of the supervisor as well as the phone, and if a specific G.P.A is required for that job, between others.

Overall to apply to any of the jobs, you are required to have the following minimum qualifications:

  • 2.75 G.P.A for the last term before applying. The only two exceptions are Tutoring which requires of their tutors to have a 3.0 G.P.A minimum and the Student Computer center which only requires a 2.0 G.P.A.
  • You need to be a full time student. Minimum of 12 credits per term. The only exception is the Student Computer Tutor which requires at least 6 credits.
  • You need to pass all your classes with a C or better while employed and maintain the 2.75 G.P.A or 2.0 G.P.A if working as a Computer Center Tutor.
  • No D’s or F’s are allowed while employed to maintain your job.

If a student fails to meet the requirements after the date of employment, the supervisor will have to let you go at least for a term until the student is able to demonstrate good grades. However supervisors, are understandable. If there is a life event that prevents you from keeping a 2.75 G.P.A, or taking 12 credits a term your supervisor can make the decision to give you a probation period for another term based on the gravity of the life event. It is advisable to keep good lines of communication with your supervisors if something is going on in your life or if you are having a hard time with your academics. You will find out that your work supervisors care about you and want to see you succeed academically and in life.

To Apply

What are some benefits of a job on campus?

As a Student Leader at any of the departments and campuses, there are a few ways in which your supervisor can pay you. For example:

  • Federal Work Study (FWS). If you received FWS in your financial award package for the year, your supervisor can pay you via the award money you were given. Note that the amount of FWS varies by student based on the information that you submitted in Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This money is only given to you at the end of the month if you work at one of the departments jobs on campus. FWS
  • Your work supervisor will create your work schedule around your class schedule and even second job. Supervisors are aware that your priority is to be a student and do well in your classes.
  • You can walk from class to your job without leaving your campus.
  • You will gain new professional skills
  • You will be more involved in your campus and will care more about your campus. You will become invested in the community at Chemeketa.
  • Supervisors, with enough time, can become good references for new jobs and even college applications.

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