Overview for Teachers


PCC OER: A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL was designed to be used in many different ways, including:

  • as part of a self-directed course at a community college in North America
  • during Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) computer lab sessions
  • in small group or one on one tutoring
  • to supplement grammar instruction in a class (as homework or in a flipped classroom model)
  • to supplement reading in a class
  • for self-study by independent learners

Why use A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL?

A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL was created by experienced teachers created by experienced teachers with a focus on what skills and information beginning and intermediate language learners benefit from. The lessons and exercises focus on a curriculum that should seem familiar to teachers working with immigrants, refugees, and international students living in an English speaking community.

open access A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution (BY 4.0) license, which means it is shared freely and openly. As long as the original work is attributed, A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL can be used in almost any way imaginable with no additional restrictions.

multimedia A Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL includes a mix of multimedia content in order to engage learners and provide multiple methods of instruction and practice. The instructional videos let learners see and hear teachers explain grammar points (also, most of the videos have closed captioning). The interactive exercises let students drag and drop, fill in the blank, answer multiple choice questions, and more. The readers combine text and interesting pictures to help learners develop reading skills as well. The content is also screen-reader accessible, which is crucial for those with limited vision or anyone who wants to hear a computerized speech version. Finally, the range of important topics in the videos and readers means that it is easy to create in-person speaking prompts and activities in a class or group setting.

multimodalThe workbook works well on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. In our experience, many learners have embraced their phones for learning English. The site has been designed to work equally well no matter what size it is being viewed on. The videos and interactive exercises only require a modern, up-to-date internet browser and an internet connection.

reliable This project was made possible by support from Open Oregon, which is also hosting the site. The links to videos, interactive exercises, and readers will not be constantly updated or lost in a swarm of constantly updated content.


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