Grammar – Intermediate Videos and Exercises

Prepositions of Time

Prepositions – In, On, At, with Time – Watch the video and complete the exercises.



Exercise 1: Prepositions of Time

There are three questions in this exercise.  Follow instructions for each question.  Click the “check” button.  Click the “arrow” button to go to the next question.

Exercise 2: Time Vocabulary

Drag the words to the drop zone boxes to categorize the words.  For example: the word “January” is a month.  Drag the word month to the drop zone box next to January.

Exercise 3: Calendar Vocabulary

There are two questions in this exercise.  Question 1: Drag the words to drop zone boxes next to each period of time.   Question 2: Type the word  Click the “next” arrow.

Exercise 4: Date and Time

Read the questions about time.  Drag the answers to the drop zone box next to the question.


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