Screencasts: How to use the Digital Workbook

In these screencasts, Eric and Davida show and explain how we have used the workbook, and how to get the most out of these resources. The videos are close captioned.

If you want to read through transcripts, or if you want to access the MP4 video files to re-use or re-distribute the screencasts, you can find all the transcripts and video files in this Google Drive directory.

You can view the YouTube videos below individually, or as part of a playlist.

Using the Digital Workbook – First Steps

Sharing with students

Using Google Sites to share the digital workbook

Guiding example students

Using YouTube videos

H5P Interactive Exercises

Using the online readers (for teachers)

If you want to try the Hugo and Luis resource search, you can:

Using the online readers (for students)

You may want to show this video directly to students who are comfortable learning from online video content.


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