Why Write?

Professional Opportunities

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Good writing and communication skills can help you to be more professionally (and therefore financially) successful. As a member of a professional or working community, you may also find that you need to write. You will write for job applications, you will write resumes, and you might even write reports. You will also probably need to write informally on the job (e.g. in writing and answering email messages and perhaps informal reports). You may need to write a proposal some day or take part in an evaluation.

Writing can also help you with scheduling and time management skills (don’t forget the ever-important to-do list!). In a 2016 survey, conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, when employers were asked what they’re most looking for in a job candidate, more than 70 percent responded that they want good written communication skills. This was only exceeded by ability to work in a team at nearly 80 percent and leadership at just over 80 percent (“Job Outlook 2016”).


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