Analyze What You Read

  1. At the beginning of this chapter, the three people are selling things that belonged to someone else. Who did they belong to?
  2. Why is the Cratchit family sad?
  3. What was the purpose of the Ghost of Christmas Future?
  4. In the end, Scrooge becomes nicer and more generous to those around him. True or False
  5. Bob was “behind his time.” What does that mean?
  6. In your opinion, were the spirits of Christmas all a dream? Explain your answer.
  7. Imagine a different ending. If the spirits had never visited Scrooge, what would his life have been like?
  8. This is a holiday story. This is a ghost story. This is also a morality story. What is the moral[1] of the story? What does the author want his readers to learn?

  1. something that you can learn from a story or an experience, usually about the difference between right and wrong


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