Lesson 3

9 Motor Controls – Introduction

Ken Dickson-Self

In order to understand how motors are controlled, it is first necessary to understand the basics.

To help with this, we’ll be using several videos from Jim Pytel’s Big Bad Tech YouTube channel. The playlist we’ll be using is titled Electrically Controlled Systems. There are over 50 videos in this playlist, and while we won’t be using all of them, you’d be well-served to watch as many of them as you can throughout the term. The information there is clear, concise, and entertaining. Much of the hardware described in labs for this course may not match the components used in the video, but this actually helps you to learn about the many varieties of hardware you’ll find in industry.

The following videos are REQUIRED for this lesson before starting Lab 3. Give yourself a couple hours to watch the videos and digest the material. Remember, this isn’t like that History of Architecture class you took in high school, wondering if you were ever going to use the information you were being tested on. If you’re taking this course, you’ve chosen a profession that requires you to know how to wire, maintain and repair systems very similar to this. Do not short-change yourself, thinking you’ll be able to skim material and still be an effective technician. You won’t. What you’ll become, if you’re ever hired into the field, is a liability to yourself, your company, and your co-workers. Taking time now will prevent potentially disastrous mistakes later.


Control Relays

Overload Relays

2- and 3-Wire Magnetic Motor Starters


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