To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 2

Optional Extra Credit Opportunities and/or Grading Elements for Unit 2

Here are some suggestions for additional course components and grading elements:

  • The Glossary of Terms in the back is good information for weekly quizzes, mid-term tests, and/or final exams.
  • See Exercise 2.2 for instructions on adding to the chart of procrastination challenges and how to solve them.
  • Lesson 2.1 on World View and Self Efficacy includes a reference to a listing of the various kinds of world views. Optional assignments might include:
    • summarizing the kinds of world views
    • writing a comparison/contrast of world views
    • creating a chart of world views
    • writing an historical perspective
    • researching one specific world view
  • See Exercise 2.3 on creating a schedule. Students might experiment with two or three different kinds of schedules rather than just filling out one. When the schedules are completed, this might be a good opportunity for a peer review activity where students review each others’ schedules and review for elements such as:
    • enough relaxation or buffer times between obligations, study periods, etc.
    • enough study time for each subject.
    • having completed the rubric for the task: one full week, all tasks, color-coded.
  • To expand the Wrap-Up Activity for the lesson on graphic organizers and study cards (4), students can
    • write one of the papers for which they have created graphic organizers.
  • After completing Exercise 5.1 on recommendations for a personal study area, students can design their ideal study area on graph paper.
  • After completing Exercise 5.1 students can create inspirational posters to personalize their study area.
  • After completing Exercise 5.1 students can investigate the great variety of white noise for studying YouTube videos and report on them.


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