To the Instructor: Optional Assignments/Activities/Extra Credit Opportunities for Unit 4

Optional Extra Credit Opportunities and/or Grading Elements for Unit 4

Here are some suggestions for additional course components and grading elements:

  • The Glossary of Terms in the back is good information for weekly quizzes, mid-term tests, and/or final exams.
  • Case study (students write letters of advice to the following student who struggles with note taking for several reasons. The letters should cover at least 10 of the key points of information in this unit:
    • Maria struggles with note-taking for several reasons. In her culture, people are easier to “read” because they are much more emotive when they communicate. She finds many Americans somewhat bland in their lecture presentations and this makes it easy for her to fall asleep during lectures, especially when she may have had to stay up all night tending one of her sick children aged six months, 2 and 5. Because English is her second language, Maria also struggles to catch all the key points of a lecture when the professor talks fast! And lastly, Maria is never sure what information she should be taking notes on, and what is the best form of note-taking. Help!


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