Here are the requirements for the two Portfolio Projects. One will serve as the take-home mid-term that covers Units 1-3, and the other will serve as the take-home final that covers Units 4-6.


Write a letter to yourself in which you summarize the tips, strategies, and skills learned in each of the first three Units that you believe will help you the most in your educational career. The letter should be typed and double-spaced, approximately 3 pages in length (750-900 words), and cover the material from the lessons on:

  • Three Learning Styles
  • Brain Dominance Theory
  • Multiple Intelligences Theory
  • World View and Self Efficacy
  • Procrastination
  • Schedules and Scheduling
  • Graphic Organizers and Study Cards
  • Study Areas and Groups
  • Comprehending College Level Reading
  • Getting the Most out of Your Textbooks
  • Pattern and Context Clues
  • Close Reading for Literature
  • Comprehending and Studying Math and Science

It will be scored on the basis of thoroughness and details.

Possible 50 Points


This is the creative response task. Choose from among the options below. Your creation should feature tips, strategies, and skills you wrote about in Task #1. It will also be scored on thoroughness and details.

Possible 50 Points

  • Choose a different creative response for each Portfolio Project. You can also make your own proposal for a creative response and get permission from the instructor. NOTE: for any option involving a presentation or performance, be sure to check with me regarding time allotments if this is a class setting.
  • Some options are more creative than others; some require specific skills, for example, #s 3 and 7. Others are more “academic,” for example, #19. Some require certain talents or hobby interests, for example, #s 5, 6, and 9.

The hope is that you have an opportunity to exercise your talents and skills a little more and have some fun while exploring a variety of different ways to apply your learning.

  1. Write an infomercial of “Best All-Time Strategies for…(the subject of the Unit)” and present it to the class.
  2. Create a brochure.
  3. Create a power point presentation.
  4. Create a poster.
  5. Create a cartoon panel.
  6. Write a story.
  7. Invent a game.
  8. Create a tool kit of some sort with objects or descriptions of objects that would go inside of it.
  9. Write a song.
  10. Design a lesson plan for the class based on the Unit (for this, a little more time will be scheduled, but no more than, say, 10-15 minutes).
  11. Sculpt something that can illustrate key points from the Unit.
  12. Prepare a photography exhibit to illustrate key points.
  13. Collect quotes on the subject matter of this Unit and present them in some way (collage, power point…)
  14. Create bookmarks for each of the tips, strategies, and/or skills you feature.
  15. A short (3-5 minutes) YouTube presentation of helpful tips
  16. Write a short essay (about 400-500 words, or 1 1/2 typed, double-spaced pages. Be sure to include a creative title) on any of the following topics:
    • Highly Effective Habits of a Successful… (whatever the Unit theme is–learner, note-taker, time-manager, test-taker, etc.)
    • How NOT to.. (whatever the Unit theme is: learn successfully, take notes, manage time, take tests, etc.)
    • Advice on (whatever the Unit theme is) for Incoming Freshmen
    • What I Wish I Had Known Before I Started College and Why (cite at least 10 Unit strategies).
  17. Other… (make me an offer!)


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