4.2 Gear Pumps

Describe the sequences of a positive displacement pump.


Differentiate between fixed and variable displacement pumps.


Classify and describe the three types of positive displacement pumps commonly employed in hydraulic systems.


Describe how fixed displacement pumps vary flow rate.


List the four types of gear pumps and identify the most common type.


Identify parts in an external gear pump and draw a diagram of an external gear pump.


Describe how a gear pump executes the phases of a positive displacement pump.


Describe where dynamic and static seals can be found in a gear pump.


Take apart a gear pump. Identity internal components.


Find the data sheet for a gear pump. Identify displacement, drive speed range, viscosity range, fluid cleanliness requirements, and other pertinent specifications. Explain flow rate as a function of pressure, flow rate as a function of drive speed, and other pertinent charts. (Prince SP25A Gear Pump Datasheet)
Briefly describe lobe, internal, and gerotor type gear pumps.

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