2.3 Pressure and Pressure Measurement

List common units of pressure. Equate psi, bar, and Pa.


Convert 230psi to bar and kPa.


Convert 7.3 bar to psi and kPa.


Convert 440kPa to bar and psi.


Determine the minimum of height of a water tower necessary to ensure at least 30 psi


Describe atmospheric pressure and the sources of variance.


Convert 550psi to psia


Convert 900psia to psig


Define a vacuum


Describe the function of a pressure gauge and draw its schematic symbol.


Differentiate between analog (needle) and digital pressure gauges.


Differentiate between bourdon tube and spring loaded piston (Schrader) gauges and describe the basic operation and constituent parts of both.


Differentiate between pressure switches and pressure sensors (transducers).
Describe set, reset, and span (hysteresis) for a pressure switch.


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