This collection of instructional resources is intended to support teaching the “Hydraulics and Electrical Control of Hydraulic Systems” class using the flipped classroom format where lecture content is placed online and all class time is re-purposed into a hands on workshops or lab activities. Lectures are available at all times and can be paused, rewound, and reviewed to support the learning process. Additionally, these resources can be used to facilitate supplementary or remedial instruction.

Success in this course depends upon the active participation and discipline of the student. Watch the assigned lectures in the sequence dictated by your instructor and use the associated study guides to assist in comprehension of the material. Pause the lecture when asked to do so and attempt the example problems. If you struggle with the example problem, the online lecture will guide you to the correct solution.

These resources are divided into 6 units where each unit might take a 1-2 weeks to assimilate, review, and conduct associated lab activities. The complete playlist is arranged in the intended sequence, however, a particular class may choose to place more or less emphasis on a particular topic given that class’s intended focus.

All of the recorded lectures are collected in a YouTube playlist.


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