3.2 Accumulators

List common functions of accumulators in a hydraulic system


List the two general classes of accumulators.


List the two types of mechanical accumulators. Describe each one. Draw the schematic symbol.


List the three types of hydro-pneumatic accumulators. Draw the schematic symbol. Describe each one. Draw the cutaway view of each type.


Draw the cutaway view of a bladder type hydro-pneumatic accumulator in various states of charge. Identify various components and their function.


Define precharge.


Describe why dry nitrogen or another inert gas is used to precharge accumulators.


Use this schematic to describe how an accumulator influences a hydraulic circuit. Describe the purpose of the flow control valve with check valve bypass on the accumulator. Describe how a technician would release the stored energy in the accumulator.


Differentiate between the terms adiabatic and isothermal with respect to charging and discharging an accumulator


List which data is required to properly size a Parker A series piston accumulator. Given an application with a minimum pressure of 500psi determine the recommended precharge for a Parker A series piston accumulator. (Parker A Series Piston Accumulator datasheet)


Draw a cutaway view of a piston style hydro-pneumatic accumulator. Identify the internal components.
Differentiate between failure modes and loss of precharge for piston, diaphragm, and piston style hydro-pneumatic accumulators

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