Ann visits the market

young woman
Her name is Ann.


people shopping for vegetables at a farmer's market
Ann buys food at a market.


The market has many fruits and vegetables.


red tomatoes
There are red tomatoes.


many kinds of mushrooms
There are brown mushrooms.


There is a watermelon.


List: Yellow Corn; Red Apples; Green Peppers
Ann has a list.


young woman looking at vegetables
“Do you have red apples?”


man offering a yellow pear
“No. We don’t have apples. We have pears.”


man offering a red apple
“I have red apples.” Ann buys red apples.


red pepper; yellow pepper; green pepper
Ann sees green peppers, red peppers, and yellow peppers. She buys a green pepper.


hands holding grapes
She sees red grapes.


She sees cabbage.


She sees garlic.


corn on the cob
Ann buys yellow corn …


… and one orange for a snack.


List: Yellow Corn; Red Apples; Green Peppers
Ann reads her list. “Do I have everything?”


flowers at a flower stall in the farmer's market
Ann sees one more thing … … flowers!


woman carrying bag of vegetables
She has fruits, vegetables, and flowers.


woman preparing food while reading recipe
“Now it’s time to make something to eat!”


Comprehension Questions



Discussion Question

Where do you buy food? What do you buy?


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