We celebrate different holidays

map of United States
We have many holidays in the United States.


many different icons of holidays
We celebrate holidays in different ways.


two glasses of champagne with party decorations
New Year’s Day is January 1. We have parties on December 31. We call it New Year’s Eve.


Martin Luther King, Jr. surrounded by words that describe him
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is in January.  Martin Luther King, Jr., worked for peace and equal rights for everyone. We remember him on the third Monday of January.

(Jr. = junior)


flowers and a heart-shaped box filled with candy
Valentine’s Day is February 14. Some people give candy, flowers, and cards to the person they love. (February 14 is also Oregon’s birthday!)


woman with baby
Mother’s Day is in May. We remember our mothers in many ways.


cemetery with flags
Memorial Day is also in May.  Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. We remember people who died in war.


man with baby
Father’s Day is in June.  We remember our fathers in many ways.


fireworks and U.S. flag
Independence Day is July 4.  Our country’s birthday is July 4, 1776. We often have flags, fireworks, picnics, and parades.


man working with equipment
Labor Day is in September. Labor Day is the first Monday in September. We remember all workers.


cartoon of children in costumes trick-or-treating
Halloween is October 31.  Children wear fun costumes, and they get candy.


veterans in a parade with flags
Veterans Day is November 11. We remember all soldiers.


big holiday meal
Thanksgiving Day is in November.  Families often spend time together and eat a big meal.


living room with fireplace, Christmas tree, and presents
Christmas is December 25. There are many holidays in December, such as Hanakkuh, Kwanzaa, and the winter solstice. We like to spend time with our friends and family.


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Discussion Question

Tell your classmates about a holiday in your country.


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