Omar goes to the doctor

His name is Omar.


Her name is Rosa.


woman hugging man
They are married.


man, woman, and two small children
They are parents. He is a father. She is a mother. They have two children. They have two daughters.


man with arms raised
They don’t have a son.


man looking sick, hand on stomach
Omar is sick today.


doctor filling out a form on a clipboard
They visit the doctor’s office.


nurse with stethoscope
They talk to a nurse.


nurse with clipboard and pen
“How many children do you have?”


man, woman, and two young girls
“We have two daughters.”


nurse with clipboard and pen
“How old are your daughters?”


Rosa answers, “One is 3 years old. One is 4 years old.”


doctor with stethoscope
Here is the doctor.


doctor making the "OK" sign with her fingers
“Omar is OK.”


Comprehension Questions

Discussion Question

How do you feel today?

  • I feel great!
  • I feel OK.
  • I am tired.
  • I don’t feel well. I am sick.


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