Sunee and Chet live in an apartment

young woman
Her name is Sunee.


young man
His name is Chet.


bride and groom
They are married.


young man with arms around young woman
They are husband and wife.


downtown Portland skyline
They live in Portland.


apartment building
They live in an apartment.


young man making a salad
Chet is in the kitchen. He cooks dinner.


young woman typing on a laptop computer
Sunee is in the living room. She studies English.

young boy playing a video game
They have a son. He plays a game.


young girl with pencil and paper
They have a daughter. She does homework.


living room
The children are in the living room.


young man and young woman in kitchen making dinner
“Dinner is ready. Let’s eat!”


hand holding TV remote control
They watch TV after dinner.


Comprehension Questions



Discussion Question

What do you do after dinner?


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