Hugo goes to school and work

man with dog at beach
He is Hugo.  His dog is Luis.


people working at computers in a computer lab
Hugo is a student.  He has English class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


He takes a bus to school.


person riding bicycle
Sometimes he rides his bike.


people working together at a table
He has many friends in English class.


man working at a computer in a computer lab
He studies in the computer lab.


Hugo has a job. He works on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  He takes the train to work.


delivery truck
He drives a truck.


Sometimes he drives a van.


man walking with dog on a path in a park
Every day, Hugo walks outside. He walks with his dog. They go to a park.


people crossing the street in the rain
They do not like the rain.


wet dog
Luis does not like water.


dog looking outside of a window
“Is it raining today?”


Comprehension Questions

Discussion Question

How do you come to school? Do you drive? Do you take the bus?


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