Updates Made to OER

The following updates have been made since the first edition of this OER:




Update Made


6 – Protein

Protein Digestion and Absorption

Bullet points were updated for what happens to absorbed amino acids when there is enough or not enough glucose. Self-check question, guided notes, and instructional slides  were also updated to align with changes.


5 – Lipids

Digestion and Absorption of Lipids

The following video was added: “Bile and Emulsification” by Fuse School – Global Education, YouTube (May 26, 2020), 3:35 minutes.


2 – Nutrition Science and Information Literacy

All pages

This unit was revised to include more up-to-date approaches to explaining the scientific method, scientific consensus, and subject matter expertise. A new page on fact-checking online information using the SIFT method was added, and the page on finding accurate sources of health and nutrition information was updated.


7 – Body Weight and Health

All pages

This unit was fully revised to incorporate more of the complexity and nuance of this topic, including additional information about social determinants of health, weight stigma, eating disorders, the “obesity paradox,” and non-diet approaches to health and weight. The revisions to this unit are substantive enough that updates were also made to the guided notes, study questions, and exam questions associated with this unit.


Unit 10 – Nutrition and Physical Activity

Essential Elements and Benefits of Physical Fitness

This page was updated to better align with the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, highlighting four main elements of physical fitness (cardiorespiratory fitness, musculoskeletal fitness, flexibility, and balance).


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