A Man with an Umbrella

hand in the rain
It rains a lot in Portland. It usually rains 44 inches every year.


woman in rain with umbrella
Some people use an umbrella.


girl sitting on a bench in the rain without an umbrella
Others do not.


Allow Me statue closeup
One man in downtown Portland always uses an umbrella. He is the “umbrella man”!


sculpture of man with umbrella
The umbrella man is a sculpture in Pioneer Courthouse Square. The name of the sculpture is “Allow Me.” But everybody calls it the “umbrella man.”


face of statue by brx0
John Seward Johnson is the artist. He made the sculpture in 1983. It is bronze. It weighs 460 pounds. It is 6 feet, 10 inches tall.


Unconditional Surrender, Saratosa
John Seward Johnson is a famous artist. His sculptures are all over the world. This one is in Sarasota, Florida. It is called “Embracing Peace.”


two women taking a selfie
Sometimes people think “the umbrella man” is a real man. He looks friendly! Many people take photographs with him.


Allow Me in December 2013
Sometimes people even dress him up!


Allow Me in December 2011
Some people say umbrellas are only for tourists. But when it rains 44 inches a year, everybody needs an umbrella — even statues!



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Discussion Question

Talk to a classmate: Visit the artist’s website at https://sewardjohnsonatelier.org/series/ Look at more of his sculptures. Which one do you like? Why?




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