A Strange Hobby



Brian Kidd in top hat with flaming bagpipes
That is Brian. He is always learning new things. He learns very fast.



Brian has a strange hobby. He plays the bagpipes. The bagpipes make weird music.

(“Weird” means unusual.)



man looking in Dumpster
One day, Brian sees something strange in the trash. He thinks it is a bicycle. It isn’t. But it’s a unicycle!



Torker Unicycle
The unicycle isn’t easy to ride. It has only one wheel. There are no handlebars. There are no brakes.  But Brian likes to learn new things. He learns very fast. He rides well.



Brian talking with a child
A friend asks Brian, “Can you play the bagpipes and ride the unicycle at the same time?” “Yes, I think I can,” says Brian.



Brian riding unicycle in downtown Portland
And he does. Brian rides his unicycle and plays the bagpipes. He also thinks of an unusual name: the Unipiper.



man with flaming bagpipes
Brian tries to be on TV. They say no. Brian tries again. They say no again.



Unipiper in Darth Vader mask
Then Brian wears a mask like Darth Vader. He plays music from the movie “Star Wars.” He makes a YouTube video, and 2,000,000 people watch it!

(Darth Vader is a person in the “Star Wars” movies.)



Now everybody knows the Unipiper. He is in newspapers, and he is on TV. People come to Portland to see the Unipiper.



The Unipiper entertaining a crowd gathered in front of the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon
Look and listen carefully! Maybe one day you will see and hear the Unipiper, too!

Do you want to know more about the Unipiper? Then visit his web page at www.unipiper.com.



Comprehension Questions



Discussion Question

Talk with a classmate. What are your hobbies? Say what you like to do. Example: I read books. I play soccer. I bake cakes.




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