A Small City

woman studying
This is Susan. She is a student at Portland Community College. She lives in Portland.



A view of Portland
Portland is a small city in Oregon. Oregon is a state in the United States of America.



Mountain, trees and water
There are many trees, rivers, and mountains in Oregon.



Oregon flag - "State of Oregon - 1859"
This is the flag of Oregon. It is blue. Oregon is called the “Beaver State.”



Woman in sunshine
Summers are warm and dry in Portland. Susan likes the sun.



Woman in rain
Winters in Portland are different. They are cool and wet. Susan doesn’t like the rain.



Mt. Hood and Mirror Lake
Portland is near a mountain. The name of the mountain is Mt. Hood.

(Mt. = Mount. This is another word for “mountain.”)



Portland flag (green with blue and yellow stripes)
This is the flag of Portland. The green is nature. The blue lines are two rivers. The names of the rivers are the Willamette River and the Columbia River.



Hawthorne Bridge and downtown Portland
Portland has many bridges. Some are for cars. Some are for trains. Some are for people and bikes.



Five parts of Portland: North Portland, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest
Portland has five parts. Susan lives in Southeast.



A pink rose
Susan has a garden with lots of trees and flowers. One flower is a pink rose.



Portland International Rose Test Garden
Portland has lots of parks. Many parks have gardens with roses. Portland is the “City of Roses.”



Bike lane on city street
Susan rides her bike to the parks. Portland has many bike lanes on the streets. It’s easy to ride a bike in Portland.


Mediterranean food cart in Portland
Susan eats lunch outside in the summer. She likes food carts. There are many food carts in Portland. Susan is vegan.

(vegan = she does not eat animals)



Diego Valeri Portland Timbers vs Colorado Rapids 2016-10-16 (30261185652)
Susan also likes soccer. Portland has two soccer teams. They are called the Portland Thorns (women) and the Portland Timbers (men).



Woman looking out of balcony at city lights
Susan likes living in Portland.



Comprehension Questions


Discussion Question
Susan is from Portland. Where are you from? Tell a classmate about it.




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