ALARA Article Reviews

Learning Objective:

  • Review an article to gain an understanding of ALARA , both Pros & Cons


The Task:  Read the NRC definition of ALARA and the 2 articles cited above provide responses to the following:

  1. Define ALARA:
  2. When did ALARA become the law:
  3. How do you determine exactly what ALARA is?  Explain:
  4. Where do green gamma rays come from?
  5. Where do yellow gamma rays come from?
  6. Where do red gamma rays come from?
  7. In a few sentences, explain the point of what Dr. Eric P. Loewen was getting at in his article “Is ALARA reform needed?”
  8. Do you agree or disagree with with Dr. Loewen’s assertions?  Why or why not?

ALARA Article Reviews – Printable Word Files

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