NRC Research Assignment


The NRC has a GINORMOUS website with a lot of information.  Your job is to answer the following exactly as instructed.  You can email the instructor your finished assignment as a file attachment or hand in a hard copy during the next class meeting.

  1. What does USNRC stand for?
  2. Search for the LD definition and then copy & paste the NRC definition in the space below:
  3. Search for the “Dose Limit for the Embryo/Fetus of a Declared Pregnant..”
    • How many pages of information are there?
    • Summarize what scientific research and data indicate about embryo/fetus and radiation exposure on the last page of this NRC document:
  4. Search for Incident Reports review the reports from the last couple of years. Copy and paste the report below and be prepared to discuss during the next class meeting.


Unit 8 – NRC Assignment Printable Word File

NRC Assignment Español


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