The primary purpose of this book is to provide an open source textbook that covers most machine tool manufacturing process courses.  The material in this textbook was obtained from a variety of sources.  All sources are cited in the reference section at the end of each chapter.

Manufacturing and workshop practices have become an important part in the industrial environment to produce products for the service of mankind.  Knowledge of manufacturing practices is highly essential for all machinists familiarizing themselves with modern concepts of manufacturing technologies.  The requirement is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge of manufacturing processes and workshop technology to all machinist students.  Therefore, an attempt has been made throughout this textbook to present both the theoretical and practical knowledge of these subjects.

This text book covers most of the syllabus of Manufacturing Processes 4 and 5.  While preparing the manuscript of this textbook, the examination requirements of machinist students have been kept in mind.  This book is written in very simple language so that even the average student can easily grasp the subject matter.  Some comparisons have been given in tabular form and stress has been given on figures for the better understanding of tools, equipment, machines, and manufacturing setups used in various manufacturing shops.


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