Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Milling Machine

Unit One: Tramming the head

Unit Two: Cutting speed

Unit Three: Sine bar

Unit Four: Sine bar and Rotary Table


Chapter 2. Lathe Machine

Unit One: The Engine Lathe

Unit Two: Speed and Feed

Unit Three: Chucks

Unit Four: Turning

Unit Five: Tapping

Unit Six: Threading


Chapter 3. Drill Press

Unit One: Introduction to Drill Press and Safety


Chapter 4. Bandsaw

Unit One: Introduction to Bandsaw and Safety


Chapter 5. Surface Grinder

Unit One: Introduction to Surface Grinder and Safety


Chapter 6. Heat Treating

Unit One: Introduction to Heat Treating and Safety

Unit Two: Hardness Testing


Chapter 7. Lean Manufacturing

Unit One: Introduction to Lean Manufacturing


Chapter 8. CNC

Unit One: Introduction to CNC

Unit Two: CNC machine tool programmable axes and position dimensioning system.

Unit Three: Vertical Milling Center Machine Motion.

Unit Four: CNC Language and Structure

Unit Five: CNC Operation

Unit Six: Haas Control

Unit Seven: Mastercam


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