1 Interpreting metal fab drawings

Interpreting metal fab drawings is a course that introduces the principles of interpretation and application of industrial fabrication drawings. Basic principles and techniques of metal fabrication are introduced by planning and construction of fixtures used in fabrication from drawings. Basic tools and equipment for layout fitting of welded fabrications are utilized. Covers the use and application of the AWS welding symbols. This course will utilize blueprints and welding symbols and will apply them in classroom and in shop as practical assignments.

The largest reason for understanding this information is to communicate between all parties involved. This could include the welder, engineer, quality control, as well as many more. This is a universal language that provides clear instructions for a quality part.

American Welding Society has created a detailed publication (Standard Symbols for Welding, Brazing, and Nondestructive Examination AWS A2.4) that gives an extended amount of knowledge in this language.

Below is an overview of what the elements of a welding symbol may or may not include. The welding symbol provides a visualization for the welder or those involved to be able to apply the applicable weld to the work piece.






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