Annotated Job Inquiry Sample

The following is an example of a successful job inquiry letter. Provided are some brief explanations of the letter’s content and format, which are in parentheses and highlighted in yellow (like this).  Note the letter’s format, its paragraphing, its sentence structures, and its diction (word choice). Use this example to help format and compose your own inquiry letter.


John Johnson 
1492 Ocean Blue Way
Albany, OR 97321
(541) 541-5411
(this is your info)

December 1, 2018 (include the date)

Susan Trout, Recruiter
ATI Human Services
P.O. Box 460
Albany, OR 97321
(this is the addressee’s info)

RE or Subject: Supply Chain Management Opportunities (this briefly states the letter’s purpose, which is something readers appreciate)

Dear Ms. Trout: (this is a formal greeting/salutation; you can also use the person’s full name instead of Mr., Mrs., or Ms.–“Dear Susan Trout”)

I am interested in any supply chain management positions ATI might have available now or in the near future. I have over 16 years’ experience in the specialty metals industry, and I just completed a degree in Business Management at Linn-Benton Community College with a specific focus on supply chain management. (the purpose is clear and two important and relevant points are stated right away in a single sentence)

I have considerable hands-on experience as a welder and shop foreman at T&G Fabrications, and I am well versed in the CAD/CAM systems that ATI uses. (using one or two specific things makes it more likely that the reader will remember them)

My attached resume highlights my other qualifications. (however, don’t assume that they’ll look at it; if there’s something important and relevant, like the experience and the degree in paragraph 1, it should go in)

I would greatly appreciate a chance to discuss how I might be able to contribute to ATI.  (state what you can do for them, not why you want the job)

If you need further information about my credentials, I can be reached anytime at (541) 541-5411 or via email at (make it easy for them to contact you)

Thank you for your time and consideration. (it never hurts to thank readers for their time)

Sincerely, (this is a standard closing)
(put a space here even if you’re not signing the letter)
John Johnson (your name goes here)

Enclosure: Resume (include this if you attach or enclose your resume or other documentation)


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