Sample Student Email

Below is a sample of a successful email. Note the complete sentences, paragraph breaks, and friendly, professional tone. Feel free to use this as a model for writing your email.


March 1, 2020

RE: IN4 Email Assignment

Dear Mr. Fleming,

My name is First Last Name, and I am a student in your Technical Writing for CTE class. I am a new student in the Water, Environment and Technology program here at LBCC. Though it is only a two year degree program, it will certainly take me longer to complete because I also work construction to pay the bills. I took last term off to work and build up some savings, so I’m eager to get started.

I plan on also taking multiple business classes as I pursue my degree. Once I have completed my degree, I hope to start my own business.

As a student and a future business owner, technical writing is a skill I use (and will continue using) often, so I’m placing a high value on the content of this course. To say it simply, I want to be a better writer.

I look forward to working with you and learning this term.


First Last Name


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