Project Completion Student Sample – Welding

Work Completion Form

Customer: In house safety improvement project.

Work order title:  L Brackets

Work order number: LB-722701

Work order cost: $853.00 or $8.53 per part Cost includes materials only.

Start date: 02.13.27            Completion date: 02.20.17 Instruction: 

Create 100 L Brackets following the specifications given on the part diagram provided below. Measurements given in mm. Each part must be tested once completed to ensure load capacity of 50lbs minimum is achievable as these will be installed in a cable guide system. Minimum requirements per OSHA guidelines.


  1. Cut ¼” flat stock and heat mold to create bracket shape with angle at a radius of 10mm.
  2. Drill out cable hole at a diameter of 20mm and install insulating rubber seal.
  3. Drill out mounting hole x2 at a diameter of 10mm.
  4. Clean all cut or drilled edges to ensure no burrs or sharp edges remain.
  5. Test part for minimum weight requirements.
  6. Package in 20 piece units for maintenance crew and store in part building aisle B section LB-722701.
  7. Enter into parts inventory.
  8. Return this form to maintenance office.


Date of completion: 02.20.17

Inspected by: J. Jones

Work completed by: J. Jones

Work completion signed off by: Maintenance Manager


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