Intake Document Student Sample (Welding)

Customer: Mike Brown

Customer Information:  541-917-4592

Type of billing: Pro-bono

Kind of work: New Construction of a Adjustable Plate Spacer

Expected delivery time: 24 hours, April 26, 2020

Specifications of work to be completed:

  • Get all materials.
  • Take one of the .25″ thick circles and mark it up by the measurements given, then drill the holes at .25″ drill bit.
  • There should be 8 holes in the plate.
  • Take the plate with the holes and put it on top of the other plate and line them up.
  • Then mark through the already made holes onto the other plate to be able to drill the holes in the second plate.
  • Drill the holes in the second plate at a #7 drill bit.
  • Clean the holes up.
  • Make a square tube at 3.75″ long and cap both ends.
  • Cut square holes in both plates in the center of them. They need to be ⅛” bigger than the square tube.
  • Make bolts and put them in the smaller holes.


Special equipment: Standard shop tools

Special materials: Materials in stock

Blueprints: See assembly print (Attached).

Codes: No codes. 

Safety concerns: Radius all sharp edges and corners before delivery.

Fabricator/Welder: Johnny Jones

Draftsman: Mike Brown


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