Intake Document Student Sample (Auto/Diesel)

Henry’s Motors
Street Address
City, ST ZIP
(541) 655-4433

Intake Document

Year: 2003                    Make: Ford                    Model: F150           Engine: Diesel 7.3 L V8

Customer Name: John Johnson            Phone Number: (541) 321-6543

Last time serviced: 7/23/2017

Problem: Will not start in cold mornings (around 50 degrees) and has a hard time starting on warmer mornings (around 70 degrees). Runs great after it starts but owner wants the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Recommendations/Solution: Likely a faulty starter–will inspect to confirm. Customer would like us to call him before starting the job.


Parts: 2003 Ford F150 7.3 V8 starter (2449292)        $150.00

Labor: Approximately 1.5 hours                                   $75.00 

Total Estimate:                                                              $225.00


Mechanic Assigned: Henry Ford

Customer signature: John Johnson


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