Sample Student Cover Letter – Automotive

Matt Holmes
22 North Street
Alexandria, VA 79301
(444) 555-6778


April 1, 2019

Mr. Christopher Dunst
Human Resources Manager
ABC Car Company
829 S Columbus Ave
Alexandria, VA 73910

RE: Automotive Technician Position

Dear Mr. Dunst:

I wish to apply for the Automotive Technician position advertised on your website. I possess the vehicle repairing expertise, the manual dexterity, and the problem-solving skills that are so essential for completing automotive technician work effectively. As a technical-minded and experienced automobile repairing professional, I believe I would make a valuable contribution to ABC Car Company.

As indicated on my resume, I am extremely proficient in overhauling engines, managing tune-ups, and relining and adjusting brakes. I possess a clear understanding of tire balancing and steering gears, and I am able to diagnose basic and complex problems in all types of engines and resolve the problem correctly and effectively. I am also knowledgeable of advanced automotive diagnosis technologies.

As a worker, I am a strong team player and work well with coworkers and supervisors. I am also flexible and able to work long hours when needed for a project and to come in for additional shifts.

I am confident that my experiences, expertise and strong interest in exceeding the goals of ABC Car Company make me an exceptional candidate for your technician position. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you further in a meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Matt Holmes

(Enc. Resume)


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