Project Completion Student Sample – Automotive Invoice

Oil Change Experts
1234 Oil Change Rd.
Oil Change, OR 12345

Invoice # 123456

Customer Information

NAME:            John Doe
ADDRESS:    1234 John Doe Lane, Oil Change, OR. 12345
PHONE:          (541) 333-4455

ACCOUNT #: 234AQ57

DOS: 11/01/2018


Vehicle Information

YEAR, MAKE, MODEL: 2010 Nissan Frontier- Crew 

ODOMETER:    57,210


Service Information

Standard Oil Change:

  • 4-5 quarts of new motor oil
  • new oil filter
  • under hood inspection
  • underbody leak inspection
  • tire pressure check – (added air to both front tires)
  • lights inspection
  • wiper inspection
  • air filter inspection
  • Checked all fluid levels
    • Power steering
    • Radiator
    • Transmission
    • Washer
    • Brake


  • 50,000-mile transmission fluid flush
  • New air filter- (current filter clogged with debris)
  • New windshield wipers- (visible cracks in rubber)

Services Provided:

  • Standard oil change                    $31.95
  • New air filter                                 $15.60
  • New windshield wipers            $11.25

TOTAL:                                                    $58.80


Thank you for choosing Oil Change Experts!
We are committed to providing quality care to ensure the safety and longevity of your vehicle.


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