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Jonathan Johnson
123 Main Street, Albany, OR 97321
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Fastidious heavy diesel mechanic proficient at repairing and maintaining power machines, trucks, buses, electrical generators, and other diesel-powered machines. Adept at diagnosing problems, examining parts for wear and defects, and disassembling engines. Committed to efficient turnarounds and reliable work.

  • Vast experience using industrial lifts and welding equipment
  • Able to read and interpret electrical diagrams and schematics
  • Proficient with hand tools and power tools
  • Ability to lift 50-60 pounds as required
  • Strong ability to follow instructions
  • Excellent time management skills



Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Diesel Solutions, Inc.

New Parkland, CA  2009-present

-Perform soldering, welding, and cutting to exact specifications.
-Prepare purchase orders for parts equipment and supplies.
-Decipher fault codes to accurately diagnose issues.
-Repair and replace hydraulic pumps and generators.

Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Industrial Manufacturing, Inc.
New Parkland, CA  2006-2009

-Recondition and replace pistons bearings gears and other key parts.
-Perform repairs and service requests according to work orders.
-Process payments and prepared invoices for services provided.

Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Diesel Technologies, LLC
New Parkland, CA  2004 – 2006

-Repaired and maintained heavy trucks and related equipment and systems.
-Reviewed and deciphered diagrams to quickly locate engine problems.
-Provided roadside and on-site assistance as warranted.

Heavy Diesel Mechanic, Seaside Systems, Inc.
New Parkland, CA  2002 – 2004

-Coordinated with other teams on larger projects to ensure timely service.
-Used arc welding and flame cutting equipment to weld and cut parts.
-Fabricated equipment and parts as necessary.



A.S. Degree in Heavy Equipment/Diesel Repair
New Parkland Community College, 1999-2001

Heavy Diesel ASE Certification
New Parkland Tech, 2001



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