Intake Document Student Sample (Mechatronics)

Packaging Solutions, Inc.
Work Request

Customer Info
Widget Industries, Inc.
123 Industrial Drive
Hometown, OR 98765

Job type

☐ Scheduled maintenance

☐ Emergency repair

☒ Design & construction

☐ Troubleshooting

Work to be performed

Customer has employed us to purchase, install, and program a single palletizing robot for one of their packaging lines. The robot must:

  • Be able to stack cases measuring 6” x 12” x 4” at a rate of ten cases per minute onto a wood pallet.
  • Have safety features built in, including:
    • an automatic and immediate shut-off when anyone comes into contact with any part of the arm.
    • a power lockout to prevent powerup while the equipment is being cleaned or serviced.
  • Have a clear, user-friendly control panel that can be operated by new/inexperienced personnel.
  • Have the option of using either standard electric power or pneumatic power to control the end effector (the tool mounted to the end of the robot that picks up the cases).

Specific tasks to be completed

  • Purchase of a robot.
  • Installation of robot, power supplies, and safety lockout controls.
  • Creation and installation of end effector.
  • Programming of robot.

Equipment requirements

  • Power and hand tools used for drilling holes and mounting hardware
  • Baseplate for robot to floor and robot to baseplate
  • Electrical installation tools, including wire cutters, crimpers, and connectors.
  • Hand tools for installing end effector to robot arm.
  • CAD drawing of room layout, including locations of electrical and pneumatic lines that can be used for robot functions (provided by customer).

Time frame

  • Must be fully operational for full-scale production in three months (late May).
    • Installation of power supplies (electrical and potentially pneumatic) complete within one month.
    • Purchase, delivery, and installation of robot complete within six weeks.
    • Design, build, and installation of end effector within six weeks.
    • Successful functionality test within two months.
    • Creation and completion of software program(s) within eleven weeks.
    • Release of robot to Widget Industries, Inc. within three months.


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