A Note on Reflection

This course is heavy on reflection. Every module, I’ll be asking you to reflect on your learning during the previous week, and you’ll also be reflecting on your search processes in your research log as part of  the research scenario project (more on that later). Additionally, at the start of every textbook reading, you’ll be given a series of statements from the Information Literacy Reflection Tool that asks you to notice and appreciate your current approaches to gathering and using information.

It’s not an accident that you’re going to be reflecting so much! When students describe their learning, how it changed, and how it is relevant to future experiences through reflection opportunities, it’s been shown to help information stick past the immediate lesson and apply what was learned to situations beyond the classroom examples. Reflection has even been shown to improve performance! So let’s get reflecting!


Information Literacy Reflection Tool

This tool was created by a group of Oregon librarians to help students think about their information processes. Read through each statement, noting your 1-6 ranking and then calculate your total in the question below.

Information Literacy Reflection Tool, see caption for full text of the questions
Text version of the questions.



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