Part 4: Using the Barber Library

31 Library Accounts

Accounts Overview

You have several COCC accounts as a student, all managed by your COCC email address and email password. Well, get ready toMy Library Account access box add more accounts to your total tally because the library has a few for you as well! All of your accounts are accessed by the green My Library Account box on the homepage.

First up, your general library account. This account controls your checkouts, renewals, and any fines or blocks on your account.

The second account is your Summit account. You might have seen Summit written in several places on the library website, but this isn’t referencing the high school or a peak on a mountain. Instead, it’s what we call a group of  39 Pacific Northwest libraries who have agreed to share materials. Your Summit account is what you use to request items from these libraries and see your checkout information, such as when something is due. Because we have an agreement with Summit libraries, you don’t have to wait too long, usually an average of 3 days, before you receive your requested item and items can be sent to any COCC campus, so no traveling to Bend necessary.

Your last account is your Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Account. Your library and Summit accounts control all physical items you’ve requested from the Barber Library. But I’m sure a majority of the material you’ll use for class research will be online and, while the library has a lot, we don’t have everything that exists. If you can’t find an item in our collection (or you can only find the abstract or summary of an item) we request it through your ILL account. We look beyond Bend, beyond the Pacific Northwest, and sometimes even beyond the United States to request from libraries all over. This account is unique because, unlike every other COCC account, you’ll log in with your email address but without the and your email password. You’ll usually wait an average of 24 hours to receive online ILL requests and then you can download the article to save to your computer to keep! It’s a good idea to download the articles you receive since you have a limited number of views when you’re looking through the ILL account page.

Accessing Your Accounts

Click all the plus signs on the picture below to learn about the different areas of your accounts access pages.

Search Tool Accounts

A quick note about other accounts you might create with library search tools. In many search tools linked on the library website, you are able to create accounts that give you options like saving articles, translations, highlighting passages, and making notes. Those accounts are provided by the company that owns the search tool, like EBSCO or Gale. Meaning, those accounts are beyond the library’s control and you would need to contact the company for help.


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