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3 LIB100 Policies

Review the following course policies. This will help you get comfortable with the course structure so that you can spend the rest of the class time focusing on course content!


Due Dates

Assignments for this course are due every Thursday at midnight, with the exception of the final research scenario project due on the last day of class.

Assignments & Grades

Your final grade in this class will be based on the following assignments:

  • Introduction discussion | 10 points
  • Module reflections | 10 points each
  • Research scenario project | 65 points total

There are 115 total points possible in this class, with extra credit opportunities during the class worth as many as 10 points, making it possible to earn more than 115 points. A detailed description of the research scenario project is available in Canvas.

Late Policy

My late policy is motivated by three goals: encourage time management, promote personal responsibility, and keep things fair. Because this class operates on an accelerated timeline, I’m asking you to do a decent amount of work, and I know the 1-credit course can easily drop to the bottom of your priority list. However, I’m working hard to ensure this is a valuable experience for everyone, and I expect you do to the same.

When the unexpected happens—you get a cold, the network goes down, a personal situation escalates—all you need to do is fill out the I Need An Extension form no later than 24 hours after the due date. It is up to you to take advantage of this policy; it requires filling out the form as soon as you know you won’t meet the deadline. If you do not contact me 24 hours after the original due date, you’ll still be able to earn points, but you will not be able to earn full points for that assignment. The form is available in the Canvas course menu or directly at this link:

To make sure you’re staying on top of things, please check the “Grades” section regularly to review your grades and receive my feedback. I will provide constructive comments within 72 hours of assignment due dates. If I am unable to meet this deadline, I will make an announcement.

Class Etiquette

In this class, you’re going to be asked to share your work with other students. This isn’t easy! To make this sometimes-scary concept a bit more comfortable, it is important to remember to approach your peers (and your instructor) with kindness and respect. Assume best intentions for everyone, but own the consequences of your words. Inappropriate commentary or behavior will not be tolerated.

Instructor FeedbaCk

I grade all assignments at least 72 hours following the due date. If there will be any exceptions, or a time when you should expect delays, I will make sure you are all notified.

You will be asked to reflect a lot in this course! I respond to any questions you pose in your reflections in the Canvas gradebook.

Your research scenario project is worth the most points in this class. You have various check-in points before you turn in your final project and research journal submissions  on the last day of LIB100.  The final submissions will be graded on accuracy, applying LIB100 material, and meeting the assignment requirements.

While I only grade the check-in activities on completion, I will be giving you detailed feedback that you can incorporate into your final project and research journal submissions. Make sure you’re reading my feedback and making changes so that you can earn the best grade possible, particularly in your research journal. If you’re not sure how to access my feedback, please reach out and ask me!



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