Part 3: Valuing Sources

Questions to Consider

As you read Part 3, consider the following:

  • How do you value information? Does that change as you read more?
  • How comfortable do you feel using the fact-checking strategies introduced here?
  • Why are citations important?

Part 3: Valuing Sources Outline

The following six chapters are in Part 3:

  • Reflecting On Your Critical Approach to Evaluation
  • Building a Fact-Checking Habit
  • The SIFT Method
  • Additional Fact-Checking Resources
  • Ethical Information User
  • Valuing Sources Summary

It should take approximately 60 minutes to complete Part 3.

Use the arrows at the bottom of each page to move forward and backward through the modules. Or, use the Contents menu in the top left hand corner to go to a particular section.


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